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Full Version: I'M SO EXCITED!!
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FINALLY!!! I registered at Valmy today! I begin my classes in two weeks. Any advice for a beginner, I WELCOME> especially if you're a single parent, because lord knows that paying for these classes is going to affect the holiday's this year! BUT I'M TOO EXCITED TO CARE!


Congratulations and Welcome to the Nail World! My main advice for you would be not to get too wrapped up in buying a lot of stuff while you are in school. Maybe buy a few essentials, but thinking that you need the latest and best of everything while in school will lead you into buying a lot of things you will probably not use in your business. You can get into quite a bit of trouble financially if you do this. I bought a few little things, a little at a time, as I had the money on hand. I have been debt free in my business from day one and it has stayed that way.

Also remember that in school they will teach you how to take the state test and not much more. So finding this website will help you a lot, but when you get done with school you will need to learn a lot more. So invest in taking additional classes or find someone to mentor with.

Wish you all the best!
Congratulations! Idonls has covered some great points. Just remember baby steps in the beginning....I've seen a lot of students who want to play with the acrylic or gel before they're done with the basic manicure Wink It's a good way to get frustrated and overwhelmed. I also wholeheartedly agree this is just the beginning of your education....coming here and asking questions will get you a whole lot further ahead than your classmates. And remember no question is stupid when you are learning Smile
Thank you so much for the advice. I have been tempted to purchase stuff but I actually already made that mistake last year. I bought a number of polishes and thank goodness my coworkers were interested in buying them from me. I should be graduating just when the NY Beauty Show is in town, so I figure I'll wait until then to see if I can get any items.

Please feel free to drop any more advice. I'm wide open!
Another thing to remember is that they will just teach you the basics in school. The key to becoming better at what you do is to keep learning after you're through with school. Lots of manufacturers offer classes and there are lots of tutorials you can watch online as well. And of course you can always come here and ask questions! Good luck and have fun!!
Checking to see how school is going and say I am excited for you. I am really close to being a student myself just have some planning to do first. Good luck to you!
> Checking to see how school is going and say I am excited for you. I am
> really close to being a student myself just have some planning to do first.
> Good luck to you!

Good Thank you. Today is the end of my first week. I must admit it is boring right now because my regular instructor is out due to an emergency. We are reading about things that I figure are common sense (yet someone always manages to prove me wrong!). But the plus side of that is that its going slow so it's allowing me to mentally and physically get used to going back to school again. It has also forced me to be more organized at home so there is not so much for me to do. I am happy I made this decision and will keep you updated. How are you doing?