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Full Version: When did BeautyTech start?
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In July 1994, Debbie Doerrlamm created a message board on America On-Line for techs to share ideas and information.

In March 1995, she started NailTech, an Internet mailing list for professional nail technicians.

July 1995 launched the Internet WEB site for NAILTECH. Debbie Doerrlamm the site owner and designer is the first nail technician with a commercial site on the WEB.

Taking the theme to the next step, on the Web, became a reality in Sept 95. A full service portal web site for the beauty professional, BeautyTech offers many networking opportunities, class & trade show calendars, quizzes, articles galore, and much more in it's vast web site. Since 1994 resources on the Internet for the beauty professional have increased dramatically, but none of them focus on the beauty industry is as completely as The .com now also has a sister.. beautytech.INFO for consumers. This site gives beauty consumers food for thought, explains what to expect from services offered at salons as well as a salon locator tool.