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Full Version: New England Networking Event
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Things are really coming together for the event!!! Check out the website for more info, updates and to purchase your tickets!!!! Smile
Just bumping this up.....don't wait until the last minute people!!! XXOO
See you there!!!
Looking forward to being there again!!
yup yup.. dont wait here ladies.. the Long Island event SOLD OUT almost 6 weeks before the event.. matter of fact Darl, I'll shoot those still on my waiting list (more than 15 still) a link to your info now..
Your hard work is really appreciated, Darlene!! Big Grin
Thank yo so much Kristin!!! Smile
Tickets are being sold...thank you for the early all you others, don't wait until the last minute....Smile Smile
I can't wait! I bought my plane ticket yesterday! See you there!