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Full Version: Tell me about the "Nail Goddess of the Net"
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Debbie Doerrlamm, owner of WWWeb Services and Wicked Wich Nails, has a background in computers that spans twenty plus years. Both business names come from her "handle" on the CB radio, [Wicked Wich] "it just stuck...". She is also a member of NIA, an organization for Professional Nail Technicians, as well as the Chairperson of the NIA Business Resource Committee.

She has been called 'an innovator in our industry!' by some of the most prominent people in the Beauty Industry!


A 10 year veteran of an Apple computer, she moved up to the PC world in 1993. She is educated in the COBOL computer language and self taught in both BASIC and HTML languages, as well as several computer operation systems.

Debbie is the first nail technician with a commercial site on the WEB. "The ONLY resource for the Professional Nail Technician ANYWHERE on the INTERNET."


In July 1994, Ms. Doerrlamm created a message board on America Online for Nail Technicians to share ideas and information. In March 1995, she started NailTech, an Internet mailing list for Professional Nail Technicians. In late 1996, two more lists, CutingEdge and SalonTalk were added. 1998 brought the addition of an area for Estheticians - SkinTech.

July 1995 she launched the Internet WEB site for NailTech. The site provides Professional Nail Technicians a place of their own in Cyberspace. There is also an area incorporated in the site, where the consumer of nail services may learn about how to care for her artificial nails.

On September 27, 1995 BeautyTech took up residence on the World Wide Web as well. A Virtual Beauty Community, BeautyTech has linked sites for the entire Beauty Industry, including: Nails, Hair, Skin Care and Tanning.

Many Beauty Industry companies have started to realize the power of the Internet for advertising their wares and have moved into BeautyTech with their own pages or have linked up to BeautyTech. +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+

Ms. Doerrlamm conceptualized, designed and authored the NailTech, CutingEdge, SalonTalk, SkinTech and BeautyTech Sites as well as her own personal WICH-O-GRAM WEB Site. She has also authored many of the sites that reside in the BeautyTech Community. She is also called Webmaster to many other beauty industry web sites. The logos, for NailTech, CutingEdge, SalonTalk, SkinTech, BeautyTech and the WICH-O-GRAM sites were created by her as well.


Her computer knowledge is extensive and has written several articles for the nail industry's trade magazines. The On-Line Correspondent for NAILS Magazine since Nov. 1996, her articles have appeared every other month.