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I want to focus on doing natural nails with no enhancements. I will do gel polish too. I believe there is a market for the natural nail niche. I know that the salon I am at has asked if I would do hard gels or tips but I have said no. Anyone out there doing natural nails only? How do you market it? I'm pretty sure it may take longer to build a clientele but I'm willing to see how it goes. Thanks!
I only do natural nails...not sure how many others do on this board, though! My stance is that I do not offer any services that damage the natural nail, that I provide my services in a sanitary setting (and go above state board guidelines to do so), and that I use products that are as gentle as possible (three-free polishes, natural skincare line for lotions and scrubs, no parabens, petro chemicals, animal ingredients). My clients are the clients who understand how important those points are. I offer spa-quality manis and pedis and Shellac services (Shellac is still the only gel polish that does not require the nail to be buffed prior to application!). If I have a first time Shellac-er, I make it clear what they need to do and not to in order for their nails not to become damaged.

Word of mouth has been the absolute best advertisement. Not many techs focus solely on natural nails, but if you do and you do it well, people will come.

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I offer everything only becuase I need to have what my clients are looking for. However if I could do natural nails only I would. I just love the look more than an enhancements. And the no dust deal, I dream of it. I dont think there's anything wrong with acrylic odor and fight against complaining coworkers, but I would love to not work with it, just because I like natural nails. I have clients I have been seeing for years and years and there is just no going natural for some.
I think you can certainly build a clientele of manicure/pedicures lovers. I also love the SOGP, and don't think I could live without them. I honestly believe that with the way the world is going, with being greener and less chemical use that this is the wave of the future. I try and talk all new clients into natural nail care and really consult on why they are asking for acrylic or gel. I will do them, if it will benefit the client or if it's what they really want.
For the past 10 years I've preferred to go to salons that solely offer natural nail only care or natural and gel work. Now that I will be doing nails I am also hoping to focus on natural and gel work as I've seen how successful the salons I've frequented are.
I think advertising to the right market is key. I must admit the salons I go to are in areas where most women did not use enhancements and there are many homosexual male clients. NOW I don't want anyone to start saying that I think only gay men are clients because there were a number of hetero male clients but I did see (and talking to techs too) that the gay males were repeat clients more than not.
I am very happy to read that others are focusing on natural nail servicesSmile I don't live in a huge town, it's not totally rural but it isn't metropolis either. We have Del Webb Sun City so I might try marketing there too. I do try to have more organic/green products. I just moved to this salon and other than Shellac most of the nail polish is OPI. I will take a look at Zoya and Essie polishes. Are they more organic than others? Where is a good site to get organic/green scrubs and lotions?