Is it in the best interest of the client to mix Brand A liquid with Brand B powders?

.... I am a firm believer in using the same products within a system and not mixing, but is it safe to mix and if it is safe, is the integrity of the product compromised if I mix? A. Companies engineer their own liquids to work with their own powders. It would be cost prohibitive to test our products with everyone else's, and it would probably be impossible to optimize one liquid to work perfectly with every powder, or vice versa. For this reason we don't advise mixing systems, because we simply don't know what will happen, and cannot guarantee good results. Mismatched powder and liquid might result in incomplete cure, which would mean that monomer slowly leaches out and could cause skin irritation or sentitization. Lifting, yellowing, and possibly too-fast cure (leading to "hot nails") could also result.

Realistically, in the real world, many people do mix systems and have good results -- which causes them to mistakenly believe that when the corporations say, "Thou Shalt Not Mix Systems", it's just marketing spin rather than genuine scientific caution. However, you are taking your chances and neither company will guarantee the products if you mix them. I personally would not take the chance.

Another thing to consider: If the client somehow got injured or had a bad reaction, and sued you, both companies could be subpoenaed, and would have no choice but to testify under oath in court that their products were NOT used according to instructions. Even if neither you nor the products actually caused the client's problem, the fact that you didn't follow directions would make you look very bad in front of a judge and jury (none of whom, most likely, will have any chemistry or nailteching knowledge), and you could end up paying dearly just because of their perceptions.

Paul Bryson, Ph.D. Director of Research & Development, OPI Products Inc. Email:

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