Does monomer have a shelf life and is it product specific?

A. Yes, monomer has a shelf life -- normally 2 years. It's about the same for all brands of monomer, as far as I know. We can verify the age of the product by the batch code -- it is possible that you are mistaken as to its age and your manager was told that it was "still good" because it's fresher than you think. However, it will not be good "forever".

On rare occasions, product stored under ideal conditions can exceed its expected shelf life by a large margin. I once tested some 14 year old L-2000 monomer that was still good. However that was stored in a cool dark lab cabinet and was not opened and closed over and over. In the normal conditions of usage it would suffer more heat and exposure and wouldn't last that long. We don't guarantee it beyond the 2 year shelf life.

Paul Bryson, Ph.D. Director of Research & Development, OPI Products Inc. Email:

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