White toe nails

Celebrity Q and A's I have a client who the top of her toe nails are turning white. Not a fungus infection. When we removed the polish......... white toe nails! Can this be the sign of a medical condition? nails4u 01/07

I don't believe it matters how long nail polish is worn, as much as, how often you change it. That's much more important. You shouldn't have to take a break from wearing nail polish, if you wear it responsibly. Moisture builds up under all coatings, polish or enhancements, but that doesn't cause this problem, nor does it cause infections as is commonly said. That's like saying if I water the ground flowers will grow. Water doesn't cause flowers and water doesn't cause infections and I can't think of a single way in which it could cause white spots.

White spots on the surface of the nail that buff off easily are most likely either A. dry spots caused by removing nail polish too often, i.e. every other day, or B. an infection called white superficial onychomycosis, WSO.

If you drop a little penetrating nail oil on a dry spot in the nail plate and massage it in, the dry spot should disappear or be greatly diminished. If you do the same with WSO, it will not go away or diminish very much, it will look practically the same.

Filing on WSO can be potentially transmitted to another client, so that should be avoided. Nail technician should never file on infected nail plates. These conditions should be referred to a dermatologist for treatment, if required.

I'm not sure if I answered the question are not, but I thought those comments would be useful.

Doug Schoon
Creative Nail Design

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