Can you share any rules on being the new person in an established salon?

(Posted to the Nailtech Message Board Forum by DebiJ)

As for the new kid on the block...some pointers...

  1. Check out who puts where in the fridge (very important)
  2. Park in the farthest corner in the nose bleed section (newbies always get the rainy spots...invest in rain boots!)
  3. Let them vent and let it go....(you know what I mean)
  4. Always replace TP and Paper towels without asking
  5. Figure out your spot for cups, mugs, and any bowls for lunch...infringing in cupboard space is dangerous!
  6. Offer to help, but be cautious on this one...
  7. Love thy co-workers little ones and cousins and aunts and uncles and friends and every1 like they are your own....until you are truly one of the "gang" (until another newbie comes along)
  8. Look your co-workers in the eye...not to show true interest but to see how "crazy" they really are :lol:
  9. and last but not least...... Leave the drama to Paris Hilton!!!!

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