Room temperature effecting acrylic?

My working environment is poor and lack of air circulation, the area I am in gets hot due to owner turning air off at night. I live in Arizona and temps get up to 110 in summer and the space I work in is very warm, many fans and ready to move. What does this do to my primer, liquid, polishes? I also have lifting since I have been in this salon. I have read your liquid ratio and will try a dryer method to see if this helps. Phyllis 04/05

Hi Phyllis,

Artificial nail enhancement products work best when used "correctly". Part of "correct use" is properly maintaining the temperature of your work area. Ideally, it should be between 72-85F. The further you get from this range, the more problems you will have. Over 100F is asking for problems and is not the conditions for which products were designed. You should definitely check your mix ratio because warmer liquid picks up powder faster than cold monomer liquid. So, as the seasons changeyou must recalibrate your mix ratio. If you  want more information on this subject (and many others) you should read my newly released Second Edition of "Nail Structure and Product Chemistry-Simplified" (available from ). Hope that info helps,
Doug Schoon
VP of Science & Technology
Creative Nail Design, Inc.

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