MSDS Sheets - the Whole Story

A recent rash of posts concerning MSDS sheets to the message board prompted me to collect all this info and post it here for everyone to read.. The responses were posted by various people, I am consolidating and making small revisions for clarification purposes..

What is up with our companies? I've gone into EVERY site that I don't have a MSDS for. Only one has it on their site. What is wrong with these companies. I need them NOW. This beats all I have ever seen. Now I guess I'll have to try find some phone numbers.
Does EVERY product I use need to have an MSDS sheet? Is there a public inventory list of what they will be checking for?
I have one question does the MSDS notebook have to be in some sort of order? Do they need to be in sections like pedicure, manicure, acrylic products or just have them in a notebook?
Do you need MSDS sheets for nail polish and remover as well?
Does Oklahoma require nail techs to have MSDS sheets on every product?
I saw the post below about needing the MSDS sheets and now I guess I need to know where you purchase them at?

The MSDS sheets do not need to be displayed but kept handy in case you need it. If someone gets monomer splashed in their eye for instance, you should haul out the MSDS and it will give you guidance for how to deal with the situation. If a doctor or hospital visit is needed and product was involved make sure the MSDS goes with the person so the doctor knows what they are dealing with. At inspection time, both state and possibly fire marshal, you will need to show them.
I keep my MSDS in a 3 ring binder with colored divider tabs labeled by manufacturer. I also highlight the product title so it's easy to find. I have them alphabetized per divider.  It's really easy to find them if I need them.
You must have a MSDS for every chemical in the salon; monomer, powder, polish, all glue/resin, gel, acetone, removers, preps, primers ANYTHING that could harm someone if ingested, spilled on them, splashed in an eye. Some inspections will take that as far as your Windex also. You should contact your state and see what they require. Better to ask and get than be fined later on.
Every state makes this requirement, yes you need your MSDS sheets
Manufacturers are to provide you with any or all MSDS sheets on the products they sell for FREE, you just have to contact them and ask.
When you buy product it should be given with it, but never is, so you have to ask. given today's computer age it is much easier. Many manufactures have their MSDS available at their sites. Some distributors have them also. I know Star Nail, Backscratchers, Creative & NSI has all theirs at their sites, has a collection for all the brands they carry. Most  online distributors have them linked at their sites.
You must have MSDS sheets on every product within the salon, products you use on clients and products that are used for disinfection, cleaning EVERYTHING! When you order products from your suppliers just ask them to include the MSDS with your order, if you make that a habit with new items ordered you'll always be ahead.

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