Reducing service time

Celebrity Q and A's I still take 2 hours to do a set of acrylic nails using only file's, my prep work is very thorough, how do i get my time down and still do a good job, I'm a perfectionist. Lorraine 4/04

Film yourself doing a full-set; when you watch the tape you should be able to see what areas you are spending (wasting) too much time on. Such as filing, prep, application, or finish work. You will probably conclude that you are duplicating some areas of work (especially in your prep and filing)-- that is, going back and doing the same thing more than one time. And you may also see that some things are being done out of order (an order that makes you repeat certain actions--- such as your filing method and order) and so costing you more time. (You may even find out from the tape that the problem is you talk too much--either to the client or other techs, stop-and-start too much--usually to look for something because it is out of place, take too many phone calls, allow your clients to take too many phone calls! or other distractiions that cost you time). Follow a SET order , time-schedule, and structure for your work. Many articles in Nails Mag have been devoted over the years to improving speed and efficiency, with hints and tips on saving time, as well as suggested methodology for filing steps and other processes that can be regimented. ----Barb NailSplash

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