What questions should I be asking when being interviewed?

Celebrity Q and A's What questions should I be asking when being interviewed?

Questions to ask....in absolutely random order

What product lines do they carry and use?
What nail services do they offer?
Will they offer any training (usually they want you to learn "their" way)
Will they pay for education?
Are they open to new product ideas?
Are they flexible with products? ( can you bring in new stuff to try)
Will they advertise, run specials?
Can you use an e-file?
Who are the "key" holders and do you have access to the salon when not
Do you have to share a station?
What type of sanitation methods do they use?
What are their length of services? (compare them to yours and adjust them if
you have to)
Do they confirm appointments?
Do they charge for repairs?
Do they charge for No-Shows?
Do you get vacation days and or sick pay?
Do they take walk ins?

Hope this helps you!
Alice W., NJ

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