Is it fungus?

Celebrity Q and A's I just recently got out of nail school and I have aquestion about nail fungus with acrylics. Some of the other techs in my salon say if there is appearance of a fungus under the acrylic to take the acrylic nail off and then just simply file off the fungus and spray with a disinfectant, and then throw away the file. Is this the process I should take or not? Ashley 3/04

If you use a file that can be disinfected and practice proper sanitation/disinfection techniques you do not need to discard the file. The disinfectant used must say "fungicidal" on the label. Scrub the file with a brush in a detergent solution, rinse it clean after scrubbing and then immerse it in a disinfectant solution according to manufacturers directions. To destroy most fungi it is usually takes longer than the 10 minutes recommended for other instruments.
Dr. Oscar Mix

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