I am having trouble apply fiberglass..

Celebrity Q and A's I am currently on a manicure and advanced nail techniques course at college. I have to be asessed while doing acrylic and fibreglass extensions. I've already completed and passed my acrylic asessment, and I have my fibre/silk next week. I'm a little concerned because when I apply the fibre to the nail there seems to be a large gap either side, and although it has an adhesive backing, when I apply the resin, it seems to curl up at the free edge or at the sidewall. Also does the fibre have to go right to the tip of the free edge or should I leave it longer then cut it afterwards. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Racheal 3/04

Hi Rachael,

I would suggest that you cut your fibreglass about 1/16" in from all sides of the nail, and also from the free edge.   Take your resin slowly on the first layer and make sure you overlap the edges of the fibreglass with it, and take it the resin right to the end of the tip. (don't let it touch the sides of the finger though).

So the fibreglass should be roughly the same shape as the nail, but cut in all the way round - and the resin should be the same, but overlapping the fibreglass.  You should have a tiny gap all round the cuticle and down either side of the nail with no product on at all.

Hope this helps.
Jilly Jones.

Do some shopping to find a thinner version of the fiberglass or silk that the sticky backing is not so thick. I suspect your mesh is not th ebest quality. Place the mesh on the nail and using some plastic press the mesh down with your fingers (like a baggie) so your fingers do not touch the mesh or the nail as you do not want to get the oils from your fingers in it. USe a thin glue to saturate the mesh well and it should work.  Also the mesh is for support so make sure you have good coverage int he stress area and cut is slightly shu of the side walls and cuticles.
Good luck.
Vicki Peters
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