I need help with bubbles in my acrylics..

Celebrity Q and A's I am currently a student working on acrylic system and am having awful problems at getting the tips onto the nail without air bubbles appearing everywhere! My blending is not bad now if I could just get past the getting the nails on! Pleas give me any help you can as I'm getting to the stage where I feel I may as well give up! Brenda 3/04

There are a couple of ways of attaching a tip.   Try putting your nail glue on the end of the free edge and then take tip up towards the nail at an angle - as you start to lay down gently wiggle the tip from side to side to spread the glue - and then as you press down, stop before you think the tip is all the way down!   The most common problem with air bubbles is people think the tip needs to go down further on to the nail - and what actually happens is you lift it back up - if this makes sense!

Otherwise try putting your glue on the back of the tip and sliding down the nail from the cuticle end, with the tip at an angle until you feel the well area meet the free edge, then slowly press down.

If you can get hold of a copy of my book "Brushing up" - there is loads of advice in there on both tip blending, applying tips and acrylic application - so might help you!

Jilly Jones

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