Why it is bad to cut callus

Celebrity Q and A's I live in Texas, and it is illegal here to use the Credo Blade for removing calluses. I know there are many salons that still use them. I am trying to inform my clients as to why they are not good to use. I have heard that the more you use them, the more you need them. Other than the safety and sanitation issues, can you tell me why it is best not to use them, and what can I use to work on the heels and calluses that will work just as good? (I provide callus treatments between pedicures, if necessary. I lose my clients to discount salons, not to mention the day spa across the street from me.) Any input would be great. Thanks Kelly 2/04

I have had it explained to me is such......When you cut the skin it is the bodies natural defense mechanism to defend itself, or, build MORE callous. Credos are illegal in Ohio too. I use the Callous Eliminator from Pro Linc. It works really well, just BE SURE to wear gloves. It will chew up your hands pretty good if you don't, I know!!!

The use of the credo blade issue seems to always be with us. Your number one answer to a client should be "Why are you asking me to break the law, as well as put my liscense and lively hood at risk?" This is not a rude or bad question of a client who is demanding that you perform this illegal procedure. The next thing that must take place if for you to educate your client about what callous are (dead skin), why they form (the skins way of protecting itself from friction or irritation, and the fact that the Nail Professional is not trained or licensed to surgically remove callous tissue with a sharp instrument (if the callous is that thick that it needs surgical removal the podiatrist is the one to do this and you will work with them to keep the callous tissue soft and thinned after this procedure is performed). Explain that most salons who perform this illegal procedure do not sterilize the credo blades after use on a client. Explain to the client that the credo blade is basically a modified potato peeler that scoops out the callous rather than shaves it off as the surgical instruments used by professionals do. Lastly explain in detail to the client what your procedures are in helping them keep their callous smooth and softened.

Hopefully this will help you deal with client you are talking about. If there is an so called up scale Spa across the street using this illegal instrument you will do the right thing and report them to the proper authorities. Only you a as law-abiding citizen can help society and your profession uphold a law or regulation.

Lastly, proper trimming of a callous will not make it "grow faster", with the credo procedure too much of the callous is usually removed and thus the skin becomes more irritated and forms more callous trying to protect itself!
Dr. Oscar Mix

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