Acrylic Splitting

Celebrity Q and A's I use Tammy Taylor acrylic nail products. Right now, I am have problems with the acrylic splitting. Could it be because we have had a really dry winter? I live in the Texas Panhandle and we have had only a small amount of precipitation this winter. Kelly 2/04

If splitting, is in reference to lifting?
Weather should not cause splitting. But, it can cause consistency problems when applying the nails. You could be using the product dry and too thick.
Use a 75-watt light bulb to warm up hands and product while working. Also, my product works best when wet.
Thank you,
Tammy Taylor

I got a thought also about your issue.. if the AC is splitting vertically (parallel to the side walls), and you are using tips, you might be sizing the tips too small.. another thought as I type this.. A long time ago had a client who came with 2-5 nails with these vertical splits/cracks. I played detective every 2 weeks, asking questions and prying to try and figure out why.. one day I am filing away, yaking my brains out, glance up and she has her thumb in her teeth gently but firmly putting pressure side to side on the edges of her nail and as I look up in horror seeing this I hear this tiny sound.. crack.. she has been doing this herself, very unconsciously!!
I hope one of these scenarios helps you!!
Debbie, webmaster beautytech

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