Confidence & Forms

Celebrity Q and A's I have been a nail tech for almost 2 years. I want to start doing only sculptured nails, but I havent had much practice or training. Besides practicing during my free time, do you have any suggestions? I dont feel comfortable charging clients so much when I am still not confident enough. Anything you might think of would help. I have a hard time getting the form under the nail, too.Kelly 2/04

Take a class with many different manufacturers and ask the educator to go over a sculpt with you. There are definite hints and tips to each form and their application. Experiment with several brands of forms also. Find one that works for you. And then......... practice, practice practice. You can have an "apprentice" price for your nails and raise the price as your skill level improves. Frame any class ceritificates and proudly display them around your station.
Millie Haynam, Salon Owner

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