Dressing up Mani's & Pedi's

Celebrity Q and A's What are some techniques that could be added to a manicure or pedicure that could go beyond just giving the normal manicure or pedicure? I would like to do something with my manicures and pedicures that stand out and surpass those of other salons.Kelly 2/04

We use heat mitts for our standard manicure. We have clients briefly soak, remove polish & shape nails, massage with hand cream and apply cuticle remover. The hands are put in mitts for a few minutes to help products penetrate. Finish up with cuticle care, and an awesome polish job! We also offer several different manicures and pedicures as well as seasonal treatments. February is Champagne Manicures and Chocolate Pedicures. March will be Mango mani's and pedi's.etc. You can also add an exfoliating treatment, paraffin or another masque to make your treatment stand out.
Millie Haynam, Salon Owner

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