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Celebrity Q and A's While it is important to not apply nail color too close to cuticle, it's just as important to not apply too far from it as well. I'm having difficulty in doing this. Also w/the sheer polishes, I'm getting streaks from uneven application. I try to fix it by adding more. The more I add, the worse it looks. What can I do to achieve the nail polish application like the magazine covers? Sheila 11/03

Hi Sheila Try using an extremely light touch with your polish brush. Load the brush up with more rather than less polish to avoid streaks. To get that neat cuticle area - place brush on in centre of nail and press brush back towards cuticle so it fans out slightly before pulling polish down over nail. Then take brush sideways across from centre of cuticle area and down one side then same the other side.

good luck
Jilly Jones, author "Brushing up"

Polishing takes practice to get right, along with finding a polish line that performs for you so it is consistant in application and does not run when you apply it. Not all polishes are created equall and you need to be familiar with the polish line so you know what polishes are translucent and what colors have good coverage. As far as the covers are concerned, I know with our Nailpro covers we digitally fix the cuticle areas to perfect them, so as in any cover you see where the models look "perfect" they have been barbieized" digitally. Want to see a real polish job look at the inside pictures I do with Pro Talks and the Wrokshop articles I write - they are not digitally corrected. So maybe your goal of polishing perfectly is unrealistic. Why not work with another profesisonal tech on perfecting your polishing techniques? Were all out there to help.

Vicki Peters
education/competition director, Nailpro Magazine

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