Peeling Naila

Celebrity Q and A's I am just concerned why some peoples nails peel after manicures. I mean the cuticle area. Alot of my clients ask me not to nip their cuticles because of being scared that they will peel. Please help in explaining what I do about this. Jaycee 10/03

Nipping the cuticle area can encourage peeling cuticles, especially if you are using dull nippers. The cut area leaves openings in the skin that can become loose and fray causing the cuticle area to peel back, especially if their hands are in water a lot. Try and use cuticle removers that have AHA's in them to encourage the cuticle to be exfoliated so there is less need to nip. (Even if you have to retail this product for home use!!) Leaving the cuticle area intact is best. If you do have to nip make sure your nippers are sharp and do not leave any stray edges of skin. Recommend a good cuticle oil or cream for home care.

Millie Haynam

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