Polish - Cured??

Celebrity Q and A's I would like to know the differences between a partially cured nail polish and a fully cured nail polish material. Gloria 10/03

Hi Gloria,

Nail polish is a bit like acrylic products - it is what we call a cold cure product. Meaning that it sets up and cures of its own accord without needing any accelerator sprays or lights to speed up the process.

Partially cured nail polish is quite simply polish which is partially dry but not completely.

hope that answers your query.

Jilly Jones - author "Brushing up"

Dear Gloria,
Actually, nail polish doesn't "cure". Curing is a chemical reaction that creates artificial nails, but not nail color. The following description applies to nail polish, lacquer, enamel or varnish. These are all the same type of product. The only difference between the various names is in the way they are marketed. All of these types of products use the same types of ingredients and harden in the same way. They harden when the solvents in the formula evaporate away, leaving dry film (which holds the color to your nail)... much like hairspray leaves a film that hold hair in place. Therefore, partially hardened nail polish still contains solvents in the film, so it is still soft. Once all the solvents evaporate, the polish will harden to a smooth, shiny film. Hope that answers your questions.

Doug Schoon
V.P. Science of Science & Technology
Creative Nail Design, Inc.

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