Inhaling Fumes

Celebrity Q and A's Can you get sick, if you inhale the fumes for 2 long?, like if you are inhaling at all day,well can you get sick? Tayler 9/03

No but you can become overexposed if you don't have the right ventilation.
Vicki Peters
Education Director, Nailpro Magazine
As with a lot of professions where working with chemicals is involved the most important thing is to treat your products with the greatest respect. In a controlled environment, working correctly with good quality products we do not need to worry any more than hairdressers do working with perm solutions etc. Make sure you have extremely good ventilation wherever you are working, that table towels are changed after every client and that you work with the smallest quantities of your products open on your table. Always close lids after use and do not eat or drink around your products. Always use products according to the manufacturers specifications - they are ther for your safety!
Jill Jones
Hi Tayler,
The safety of the monomers used in nail products has been widely studied, since they are also used in everything from bone cements to contact lenses to denture bases and plexglass windows. The Cosmetic Ingredient Review Panel (a group of medical experts that works with the FDA) has twice determine (1995 and 2000) that nail monomers are "safe as used". The monomers can produce vapors (not fumes) that can produce similar short term effects as seen when painting using cleaning solvent (i.e. headaches, stuff noses, etc). Just as these types of products should be used in a well ventilated area, so should professional nail products.

If you work with nail products in accordance with manufacturer's instructions, you should not suffer any harmful effects. To put things in their proper perspective, smoking cigarettes is hundreds (maybe thousands) of times more dangerous than anything you do as a nail technician. If you want more information on working safely, I would refer you to my book "Nail Structure and Product Chemistry", which you can purchase using the links here at that point toward the Milady area.
Hope that answers your question.
Doug Schoon
V.P. Science & Technology, Creative Nail Design, Inc.

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