EMA - How safe is it?

Celebrity Q and A's I have always learned that MMA is unsafe and EMA is safe. Can anyone shed some more light on this subject? Someone on the message boards stated that EMA is also unsafe, why are there no laws against using that too? how do I KNOW its unsafe? Concerned Tech 12/03

I believe there are other people who share your fears, so I think it is important that I address these issues with the facts. Hopefully you will be happy to know that you are not the only person talking about this subject. EMA has been thoroughly and repeatedly discussed by the world's leading experts. Since EMA is used in so many different items, i.e. Plexiglas and medical devices, it is one of the most widely studied chemicals on earth! I assure you that manufacturers in the nail industry have had repeated dialogues with scientists, toxicologists and medical professionals, as well as, the government of the European Union, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Cosmetics Ingredient Review (CIR) expert panel (a highly respected, independent panel of medical experts and scientist that review the safety of cosmetic ingredients). I know, because I have been a part of these discussions.

The truth is, the CIR has “twice” over the last eight years, determined that EMA is, "safe as used by professional nail technicians." And, the FDA is on record, saying that they agree with the decision. If EMA was not safe in nail products, both of these organizations would have said so and loudly!

These experts came to this conclusion after an exhaustive study of all available scientific information. Of course, they are trained in science and medicine and are able to look at this information, understand it and interpret it correctly. Non-experts cannot do this, simply because of the highly technical nature of the information. I suspect this is what has happened to you in your search of the Internet.

For example, it is easy to find information proving that water is a deadly and dangerous chemical! Water kills many thousands of people every year. But does this mean water is too dangerous to use or that we should never go anywhere near it? Of course not! We know that water can be used safely. The same is true for EMA and anyone who tells you differently is not telling the truth. This is not just my opinion, this is the opinion of the leading experts in the world who have studied this issue. So in short, a close examination of the scientific and medical evidence confirms that EMA is safe for use in artificial nail products.

Your comments does raise another point that I would like to comment on. There is a dangerous and growing trend in the nail industry. I call that trend, "Fear-Based Marketing". When a company uses fear to market its products, you have to wonder why? If their products are so good and superior, then they should market the benefits… not try to scare nail techs into using them. Who is that helping except for them- the fear mongers? Which of course is why they do it! IMO, there is too much irrational fear being taught in the name of "education" in the nail industry. Any person who uses fear to motivate, teach or sell is harming our industry.

Profiting from fear is just plain wrong and hurts the entire nail industry, especially when the fears are irrational, untrue or greatly exaggerated- as is usually the case. My recommendation is to ignore anyone who uses fear to sell or motivate or "educate" nail technicians. They are the true enemies of our industry and are actually only thinking of themselves, not you.

For example, if anyone tells you that you should use one type of nail enhancement product because it's safer than another… they are deceiving you! Here's the truth… all nail enhancement products can be used safely if used properly. Those are the facts. That is why there are ed ucation classes for professional nail products. And that is why manufacturers want their products used by trained professionals.

Unfortunately there are unscrupulous individuals who benefit and profit by spreading these irrational fears and deceptions. They know that “fear sells”. And I know that in Canada this problem has reached epic proportions. In fact, in recent years a tremendous amount of misinformation has been taught to nail technicians in your area. Why? For greed and profit, IMO- and that is the sad truth.

If you think about it, it's obvious that any responsible manufacturer of professional nail products would want you to use their products correctly and they would want them to be safe to use. I can assure you it is my utmost concern, as anyone who knows me will tell you. But, ultimately it is up to the nail technicians to ensure these products are used in a safe manner. That requires education and knowledge. That is why these are professional products and that is why nail professionals should constantly upgrade their skills and knowledge. That's the best way to ensure you are working safely. So, rest assured... EMA is "safe as used by professional nail technicans".

Doug Schoon
V.P. of Science & Technology
Creative Nail Design, Inc.

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