Pterygium questions.

Celebrity Q and A'sPterygium - many educators in Australia refer to this as the dead tissue at the base of the nail which is to be removed - I disagree and understand that it is abnormal forward growth of the cuticle and is still living tissue and should NOT be removed. What we remove at the base of the nail is non-living tissue and not pterygium - can you confirm? Karen 8/03

You are absolutly right about this. Pterygium is the abnormal adherance of the skin to the nail plate and is usually the result of injury or some dermatological conditions. To remove pterygium causes more injury and makes the condition worse.

Pterygium section in the Milady text for Nail Techs was wrong in the previous edition. This is why so many people have the idea that pterigum and cuticle are the same! The latest edition of the Text book has it right. Obtain the latest Edition as other things have been updated also.

Dr. Oscar Mix

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