MMA exposure..

Celebrity Q and A's Before I became a student I was an owner; I would have my nails done about every 3/4 wks I took great care, but every time I had them filled the etching and filing was a bit extreme for me and I began to protest as an educated student and consumer that it is not necessary for all that drilling!!! I stopped letting nail tech who are Asian/Oriental do my nails and began doing my own since my cry were on deaf ears. But how do I know I was exposed or am still exposed to MMA. Can you suggest odorless namebrands. Xeaya 7/03

Dear Xeaya
You may not be over exposed to MMA and may just have experienced an aggressive nail tech that damaged your nails and hurt you. Getting your nails done should not be painful so I would recoemnd you seek out a more professional nail tech that is more educated and skilled that will take better care of your nails.

Vicki Peters
Nailpro Education Director

OPI, Tammy Taylor, Beautiful Nails, and NSI all have odorless acrylic systems. You can reach most of their sites through Beautytech.
Nancy King
Switch to gel. Young nails, IBD, Light elegance
Millie H.

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