Acrylic sprinkle powder.

Celebrity Q and A's I am using a Gel by nailogic it can be used with their acrylic powder to sprinkle on to make it stronger. I was wondering if it would be possible to use any acrylic powder? If not the acrylic that uses monomer,what about the backscratchers extreme acrylic powder,since that just uses a glue. What do you think would any of these be compatible? Joanne 7/03

To answer your question, yes you can use any acrylic powder in your gel however I would recomend that you use a powder specifically made for this technique becasue it has been manufactured differently to provide stronger benefits.

Vicki Peters
Nailpro Education Director

You can mix any acrylic powder with gels, including colored and glitter powder. However, remember to increase your cure time about a minute depending on how much powder you use, as the powders make it more difficult for the light to penetrate the gel. If you use resin or glue, you can also use any acrylic powders as you would the extreme.
Nancy King

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