Removing heavy calluses

Celebrity Q and A'sDuring a pedicure clients often ask if there is anyway to get rid of the hard calluses on the feet.  I tell them that there's not really alot you can do. I know that I use the foot file everyday, lotion, and never walk around without shoes or slippers on, and I still have hard feet.  Am I right?Jen 7/03

No, you are not right, Jen, calluses can be controlled and helped with proper home care products, dedication to home care by the client and regular pedicures (of course). There are good 10%+ AHA (or glycolic acid, whatever you wish to call that ingredient) lotions, some specifically for feet and for controlling calluses, actually. MD Formulations has one, Skin Therapy has one that is a body lotion that works great, and many other skin care companies have them.

The client applies them to his/her feet after each shower, and every day or two uses the pedifile after their shower and immediately after drying their feet. (I recommend doing it over the toilet-toes on the back rim-so all that nasty skin goes into the water.) This works wonderfully, and helps those with calluses keep them under control.

BTW, only Glycolic acid AHA works-anything less, such as Malic Acid, etc., does not. Glycolic is the smallest molecule and the most effective.

An aid to all this is doing a regular AHA (Gly) pedicure. Nailpro had an article on this with directions a while back (I wrote it.). They may be able to get you a copy of it - 800-442-5667. I hope this helps you. If you have questions, feel free to email me.

Janet McCormick


In reply to your question about hard skin on the feet - ou are doing all the right things - foot file - lotion etc.

Keeping calllouses and hard skin under control is a matter of dilligence - try and suggest your client uses an exfoliating foot scrub on dry feet every evening before bathing - there are many good brands out there and they are very effective and also less likely to cause problems than a foot file - and will break down the hard skin. After bathing use a really good foot cream.

Do this regularly and you should be very happy with the results - and yes - don't walk about in bare feet - it's what we used to do in cave man days - and boy did we have hard skin then!!!

Good luck
Jilly Jones

Callouses are the result extra of friction or pressure in the area where the have formed. Corns and callouses are the skins' way of trying to protect its' self from these irritations. Because we keep walking and wearing the same shoes, which may or may not be the cause, the problem persists. The use of foot paddles, or electric drills to smooth and thin them is helpful. If they are thick and painful the podiatrist can trim them down with a surgical blade and follow up pedicures will keep them comfortable longer. The nail tech can recommend products to help soften them but until the cause, extra friction or pressure in the area, is treated they will continue to form. I find the product Bag Balm works the best for keeping callouses softened on the feet. In some cases I have even seen the callous resolve through the use of this product. Have the client apply it in the evenings and wear sox to bed. Once they do this for a week or two them may be able to use it only once or twice a week to stay ahead of the problem.

Dr. Oscar Mix

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