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Celebrity Q and A's I am looking at opening a new location and want to ask customers what they think about my services in a survey. Has anyone done this and what kind of questions do you ask? Thanks!Marianne 6/03

Have you considered sending these clients an anonymous
survey to find out the real reasons they have left... just incase there
is some issues they do not want to bring up with you.

After a new
client's first visit, I send them the following, with a stamped
envelope for them to send it back to me:

Customer Satisfaction
We are eager to constantly improve our services. You can
assist us by completing this survey and returning in the enclosed reply
paid envelope. Please answer all questions honestly. You do not have to
reveal your name.

Please rate on a scale of 1-10, 1 being
unacceptable and 10 being excellent.

appearance of technician ____

Professional atmosphere ____

Music was at correct volume ____

Room temperature was comfortable ____

The service met my expectations ____

Your appointment began and ended on time ____

Technician was respectful of your wishes? ____

Did you feel any discomfort at any time? ____

If you were to change anything about this service, what would it be?


Additional Comments or



Thank You! Your
comments are appreciated!

Submitted by Michelle, Nails on the Nile, Dubbo City Centre, Australia

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