Contagious warts?

Celebrity Q and A's I'm new to the industry and have a client with contagious nail warts. I wore gloves for the manicure but don't feel that I should be servicing her due to her health condition. Please advise me on how I should handle this. She has made herself standing appointments with me, going forward. Should I terminate my services with her? I'm concerned about my health and what I could expose my family to as well. Even with a Dr's note, I'm not sure it it's safe. Please advise. Thank You! Mary Catherine 6/03

I am not sure what you mean by "contagious nail warts." A wart is a wart whether it is around a nail, on the bottom of the foot, or on the skin any other place on the body. Warts are caused by the papilloma virus and the wart is the bodies attempt to protect its' self from the virus. Warts can be transferred from one person to another but in practicality they are not transferred easily. By wearing gloves and being careful not to make the wart bleed you are protecting yourself adequately. To protect your other clients be sure to sanitize and disinfect your instruments properly and there should be no problem.

A doctors release for the client to get the manicures would be good. I have a suspicion the client is not going to the DR to get treatment for the warts, they are rather hard to cure but they can be. The longer she has them the more resistant to treatments they seem to become.

Dr. Oscar Mix

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