Callous balls of feet & heels

Celebrity Q and A'sWhat futher treatments could you recommend for a client who has callous of her heels and balls of feet 1/03

There is a treatment regimen that is sure to reduce the calluses on a sufferer if it is followed closely. The regimen is 1) a program of AHA or Salicylic Acid treatments, which is six or more professional weekly pedicure treatments, according to the severity of the calluses, and 2) esthetic strength AHA home care lotion, which means 10% or more Glycolic acid in the lotion, used daily after showering, and a pedi paddle exfoliation after the product use each time. The first and fourth treatments are full pedicures. The 2-3-5 and 6th are just glycolic exfoliation treatments. If over 6 are needed, they are treatments, not full pedicures, except for monthly, as before. At no time should a blade be used on callus. It stimulates further and faster growth, and may cause infections. Maintenance is 1) regular AHA pedicure, and 2) use of the AHA hand and body lotion regularly, as well as daily use of the pedi paddle to keep them under control.
Janet McCormick

I find one of the best treatments for heel callous is the application of old fashion "Bag Balm" that has been around for many years. It is the cheapest and best. Apply it to heels in evening and wear sox to bed. Once a person is ahead of the problem it will only have to be used once or twice a week.

Heel callous, or any callous for that matter, is natures way of protecting the skin. Open heel shoes help make more callous than closed shoes. Many of my patients ask to have their heel callous removed and when I look there is not enough there to be removed. If I did remove any their heels would be sore.

The Nail Professional should "smooth and soften" callous tissue not necessarily remove it

Dr. Oscar Mix

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