Reduce my time

Celebrity Q and A'sWhen performing a backfill/infill using a drill, I find that it is taking 2 hours to complete. I am adhering to the recommended techniques. The majority of work seems to be the final shaping. I don't have a problem drilling the well and preparing the infill. Any suggestions on how to speed up the process and reduce my overall time?

Over the years I have noted that there is one reason most techs take too much time for any acrylic technique = over building. When you over build, it takes time in that step, but even more in the finish step. They must take twice as much time taking off what should not have been put on in the first place! My suggestion is that you pay very close attention to your build - put just enough product on and then QUIT - never add 'just a bit more'.... anywhere. The secret is in the perfect build as then your finish should take no more than one minute, total, on each nail. Or LESS! Your build should be your focus - then all will fall into place!
Remember - 'less is best' in your build.
Janet McCormick

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