Bubbles in Acrylic

Celebrity Q and A'sI would like to know what could be causing small air bubbles in my acrylic overlay and what I can do to prevent this from happening I would be very grateful for any help on this as Iv'e not been doing acrylics for very long and am getting a little frustrated about it thanks Allison 3/03

Hi Alison, If the bubbles seem to appear after the product sets up, this is a sure sign that you're using the product too wet. I show a video in my classes of product setting up under a microscope. From the video, you can see that tiny, invisible bubbles will grow as the product sets, if there is excessive shrinkage. The shrinkage makes the bubbles grow larger until it become visible. Since the monomer liquid creates the shrinkage, you can assume that going drier will eliminate both the bubbles and the shrinkage (which can also cause lifting problems). In general, nail techs tend to work too wet, so I would guess that going dryer will solve your problem.
Hope that helps.
Doug Schoon
V.P. Science & Technology
Creative Nail Design, Inc.

To avoid are bubbles use the proper acrylic working consistency. Follow the individual guidelines and instructions for each system you are using to achieve the proper liquid to powder ratio. Avoid overworking and excessive patting of the product which can force air into the acrylic.

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