Oil beneficial to wraps

Celebrity Q and A'sDoes Solar Oil or its equivalent have the save beneficial effects on wraps - resins as it does acrylics?
Debbie 11/30/99

 Some low viscosity oils can penetrate, but not all. It depends on the size on the molecules. Some are too large to fit into the ultra tiny passages leading into the nail enhancement. One way to judge an oils ability to penetrate the nail is by looking at its ability to penetrate the skin. If the oil can't penetrate skin, it doesn't have a chance of penetrating the enhancement.

Mineral oil, is an excellent example. This oil's molecules are much too large to penetrate the skin, let alone a nail enhancement. That's why it just sits on the skin. Jojoba oil on the other hand penetrates so easily, it is called the "carrier molecule". Not only will jojoba oil penetrate quickly, it will carry other oil molecules that normally would sit on the surface.

We have done studies to confirm that it penetrates enhancements. Wraps are not crosslinked polymers, so they are the very easiest to penetrate. So, the answer to your question is yes, Solar Oil or it's equivalent will perform its special magic on any type of enhancement.
Doug Schoon
Director of R&D
Creative Nail Design

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