Beyond the basics

dwCelebrity Q and A'sAs an owner of a nail school, what do you think nail school should offer above and beyond the "basics." I have outside educators come to my school, ie OPI, Poshe' and Y Gloria so far. I offer my students the opportunity to use professional products in my school, ie Creative Radical, Retention, Spa Manicure/Pedicure, Premium Acrylic, OPI Acrylic, OPI Microbond Gel and Sculpture, Backscratchers, Y Gloria Acrylic. When a student has received training with these professional products, I've developed a Certificate of Completion that lists all these systems. This acts twofold in the students' favor - 1. It is a great resume for an interview. 2. It is a testimony of their training to their clients and employers. I am going to enhance my curriculum during the holiday break and am looking for professional assistance as to how can I do more. The passing rate of my students is 98%. I would like to keep it that way, in addition to offering them a quality education. Thank you. 

Celebrity Q and A'sI commend you in wanting to enhance the education of your students. You are  doing a great job in giving your student a well rounded education to prepare  them to be Nail Professionals. I have one recommendation. Do you teach out  of a single basic text or do you use a number of texts that go into individual subjects in much greater detail. Most schools seem to use and require only one text book. This is a disservice to the student because it gives only one view on very complex subjects. I believe the schools should have a list of required text books such as ones written on nail chemistry, sanitation/disinfection, anatomy of the extremities, foot care and so on. 

The students will then a good reference library when they graduate that they can take with them into their private practices. If you already have this requirement I commend you, if not it is something you may consider.

Dr. Oscar Mix

Celebrity Q and A'sThe newest trend in the beauty industry is day spas, so my best suggestion would be for you to teach the technicians some skin physiology, something more than just the layers of the skin. Manicures and pedicures in successful spas include analysis of the nails and the skin along with recommendations of various treatment manicures and pedicures, right in there with many pampering ones. They will need to know about the different types of spa vs traditional manicures and pedicures, exfoliation (physical and chemical), penetration (how it works and how it can be enhanced), different types of massage (s/a reflexology and aromatic), and many other spa-types of information. You might take a look at my new book out from Milady, Spa Manicuring for Salons and Spas. Came out this month.

Good luck. It's nice to know a school owner/instructor who is seeking out more than just the basics to offer her students.
Janet McCormick

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