Monomer has lumps or bubbles

Celebrity Q and A'sWhat can cause your monomer to have lumps or bubbles in it. Also I'm new to the field and I'm nervous about this is there any words of wisdom to get me thru the first 6 months thank you 
Danette 1/00

If your monomer liquid has lumps in it, that would indicate premature curing. As for bubbles, all monomers will bubble some if shaken, but a monomer that traps bubbles is too thick -- again a probable sign of premature curing. Once premature curing has begun, the monomer is no longer fit to use for nails. 

To prevent this in the future, buy fresh monomer from a reputable dealer, store it a cool dark place in the original container, keep it capped when not in use, and above all don't allow powder, used monomer, or brushes to contaminate your monomer bottle. Don't ever pour leftover liquid back from the dappen dish to the original bottle. 

Most often, premature curing of the monomer is a result of contamination, or because the bottle is just too old. But, once in a rare while, a bad batch happens; and the faster the manufacturer finds out, the faster the problem can be fixed. So, let the manufacturer know about it. And be sure to supply the lot number when you call. 

Paul Bryson
CoDirector of R&D, O.P.I. 

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