Should powders be shaken?

Celebrity Q and A'sThis question has come up on the message boards and got me thinking.. should powders be shaken.. to mix??
Some comments from the group:

I literally slam mine on the table! Sometimes I roll it around, just to get a good mix. It allows me to pick up a good ball.
I shake (side to side) my jar, cause I like to see a real flat smooth surface. Done it for years and really don't know why!
I tap on the table top with it and I tap as i am using it, when i see too many moon craters. tap tap tap.
but this next one got me REALLY thinking..
Well now I couldn't resist answering your question..... At the beginning of the day I open all of my powders and stir them well. Most companies powders are triple sifted and that means 3 different sized with time they will separate due to the weight difference (I know we can't see the difference with the naked eye, but its there) then I tap the tops to get a nice smooth surface from which I can pick up the perfect amount of product that I require. Every so often (when there are too many "craters" --I love that description) I tap again.
Is there any validity to this last comment?? It makes sense to me.. and might be a cause of service breakdown as much as contaminated liquids...

Celebrity Q and A'sTriple sifted, ha! What is gonna get sifted the 2cd or 3rd time that didn't get sifted out the first time? That is totally bogus. To my knowledge, all powders are "sifted" once to get out large clumps. The particles have a size distribution. In other words, their is not "A" particle size but a range. There is no need to mix the powders daily or even weekly. They could settle out in shipping due to long hauls in vibrating trucks, but that is the only way. Once they are mixed, nothing short of constant tapping for long periods will cause significant settling.

Doug Schoon
Director of R&D
Creative Nail Design, Inc.

Celebrity Q and A'sNever heard of such a thing. However, it MIGHT be true. 

The powders are not "sifted", except in a "macro" way to remove GIANT lumps.. but there is certainly a distribution of particle sizes. It is hypothetically possible that the smaller particles could pack at the bottom, the larger on top... But I don't know if that's ever been looked at, let alone been found to affect the product performance. I'll ask around. 

It might be something totally different -- like, to take a wild guess, tapping the container could discharge static buildup.

Or it might just be a salon legend.

Paul Bryson
CoDirector of R&D, O.P.I. 

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