Allergic reactions

Celebrity Q and A'sWhy are my nail clients becoming so allergic to the acrylic system I been using on them for years I think is the primer. but not sure. Maritza 3/00

Skin absorption is the major cause of acrylic sensitization. Primer is a possible sensitizer, but so are ALL uncured acrylic products. Therefore, any uncured acrylic-- primer, liquid/monomer, or gel--must be kept off the skin. Otherwise, allergies will slowly but surely develop in susceptible individuals. 

Sometimes I hear accounts of people who evaded allergies by switching brands. The probable explanation is that those fortunate people were allergic to just one unique ingredient, which the new brand didn't contain. More often, however, a person who is sensitive to one powder/liquid system, will be sensitive to them all. In that case, one would need to switch to a totally different system (perhaps wraps), or quit artificial nails permanently.  

Paul Bryson
CoDirector of R&D, O.P.I. 

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