Krazy Glue and Nail glue

Celebrity Q and A'sI would like to know  if there is a difference and what that is between Krazy Glue and Nail glue. Patti 4/00

The differences are :

Krazy glue - has an acid in it to etch the two surfaces that are going to be pressed together...NOT intended for use on humans!

Nail glue - usually there are differences in the nail glues themselves. They can be pressure sensitive glues (like CND gelbond... sets when pressure is applied), quick drying glues (like 5 second nail glue or CND speedbond), or resins (like Backscratchers). The only difference between a nail glue and a resin is the purity of the adhesive, and that the resins usually have a UV filter built into them. Backscratchers Emergency Stikr is a quick setting resin, no UV filter, but has an antibacterial built in. NONE of the nail glues have acids in them at all (that I know of!)

Hope this answers your question... If not, feel free to email me privately. 

Have a great day!

Janet Paige - Idaho :o)
Backscratchers Salon Systems Educator

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