Odorless techniques

Celebrity Q and A'sI'm a new nail tech and am really struggling with the odor acrylic product. I had to use odorless in school. My application is going on to thick. When I file and buff the nail there are pitts and dry white looking smears. I'm using brush sizes #6 and 8. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Corleen 4/00

My first question would be why switch from an odorless acrylic to one that has a odor. If you have mastered the application of the odorless product then I recommend continued use of it. It is a much safer product and makes for a much healthier salon environment.
If using the odored acrylic is necessary, then I would check a the ratio. 

Check the manufacturers directions, most acrylic is used at a 2: 1 ratio. If you are having problems with white specks, it sounds like the ratio is too dry. With out know the product line used it is hard to trouble shoot, since all lines are so much different.

Shayna Raymond

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