What is "American Manicure" and "Solarnails"

Celebrity Q and A'sCould someone please explain exactly what is meant by the term "American Manicure" and what "Solarnails" are. I have been told different things by instructors and by product demonstrators and I want to be sure of which is which so I can answer correctly when asked by clients.

An American Manicure in my opinion is a softer "french manicure". It is done with a softer white rather than the whitest white (the one that look like white out). It also can be done with the pale pink or the beige pulled over  the white instead of a definite color difference. "Solar Nails" are a  Creative Nail product. It is one of their older lines. Hope this helps :)

Lori Grier
The Elegant Nail
Oxford, Al

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