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Celebrity Q and A'sI am having problems with a basic manicure's polish staying on, please help. I also need some basic directions on how to do a wonderful manicure Thanks for your help Tracey 3/00

When you do a basic manicure you need be sure that you are removing all of the oils or any other substance that may have gotten on the nail bed from the manicure. I always scrub the nail with an antibacterial soap and then wipe the nail plate with acetone. I also use a dehydrator prior to applying the base coat. Several companies make a rubberized base that seems to help with the polish staying on. Apply the base, then 2 coats of polish, then a good top coat. For those that seems to really hard on their polish you can do what some of the techs call a "Power Manicure." Before you apply the base, make sure all oils are off the nail plate then apply the dehydrator. The next step is to resin all ten nails. Be careful not to get too close to the cuticles as you would with any enhancement process. Then just apply the base and nail polish as you would with a regular manicure.

Lori Grier
The Elegant Nail
Oxford, AL

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