Backfill techniques

Celebrity Q and A'sWhat do you do when it's time for a back fill and you have used white tips with clear acrylic? Do you have to replace the full set? Mikki 3/00

The only other alternative from soaking off the set is to back fill the white. Trench out the white where it has grown out and reapply with a white acrylic. This can be done with a drill or hand filing. The drill can be a little easier but you can hand file a trench using a 100 grit board. If you have a hard time visualizing where the white should be then lay a white tip where the white should be trenched out and make a light pencil mark there. Once you become accustomed to back filling then you will be able to visualize where and place your white acrylic accordingly.

Lori Grier
The Elegant Nail
Oxford, AL

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