Marbleizing technique

Celebrity Q and A'sI would like to do marbleizing on nails and haven't had any luck with the products on the market designed to marbleize. I know there is a technique that utilizes cold water and regular nail polish as opposed to "paints". Can anyone give me some pointers on how this technique is applied? Christine 1/00

I don't use the technique you are describing but you can achieve a marbling effect with a sponge and acrylic (water based) paint. Choose your base color then three colors that go with you color scheme. Wet a natural sponge (Sea sponge), squeeze out the excess water. Dip the sponge in the darker pigment of your paints that you chose. Blot the excess out on a paper towel. Blot your nail lightly with the color. Remember to go sparingly, you can always go back and add more. Do the same with your remaining colors. Let your design dry and then top coat. If you have paint on the fingers just wait until the top coat is dry and have your client wash their hands. It will come off easily.

Lori Grier
The Elegant Nail
Oxford, AL

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