Liquid/powder ratios

Celebrity Q and A'sHas anyone had lifting problems using retention I done a full set did everything like I am supposed to. My client calls and said her nails are lifting. The other thing is that before I applied any product she washed her hands could that have had anything to do with it? DottieJean 5/02

Retention+ is a keratin bonding liquid for lift prone clients. As with all of our liquids and powders, the mix ratio is always 1 1/2 parts liquid to 1 part powder. To check your mix ratio, place a bead on a non-absorbent surface (like the back of a form). Do not press the bead (pressing will release liquid into the bead). Wait 10 seconds. The bead should "melt down" about half to form a *dome* with no liquid ring around it. If you're working too dry, the bead will not dome. If you're working too wet, the bead will go flat. Working too wet is the most common and causes an excessive amount of shrinkage to the product. The powder will only absorb so much liquid. If you're working with an excessive amount of liquid, once the liquid dissipates (24 to 48 hours later), there was never any powder there to begin with so lifting will soon follow.

Did you use Scrubfresh as part of your prep? Scrubfresh is a one step nail prep that improves adhesion and helps prevent infection. You use Scrubfresh as if you were trying to remove red enamel (really 'scrub' the nail). Scrubfresh removes contaminants from the natural nail, temporarily dehydrates and removes oil from the nail plate and leaves behind pathogen fighting agents long after application. If Scrubfresh was used prior to application, your client washing her hands should have had nothing to do with the lifting problem because the Scrubfresh would've dehydrated the moisture from the nail plate.

These are just a couple of instances that could cause lifting. If you would like to know more about Creative products, ask your distributor about attending the Two Day Master Academy. Also, our technical hotline is always available at 1-800-833-NAIL.

I hope this has helped answer your question.
Nikki Birch
Educational Sales Consultant
Creative Nail Design

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