Prevent bursitis, tendentious, back problems

Celebrity Q and A'sIs there any research on the use of ergonomic furniture or other devices/supports that might reduce or prevent bursitis, tendentious, back problems that result from being a nail technician. My wife is in the field and she works very hard and has had problems lately. She gets very stressed in the shoulder and back area and more recently has been diagnosed with bursitis. Hopefully you can offer some help or give us a direction to pursue. Steve 2/01

Both Nails and Nailpro have had articles on ergonomics, Steve. You might call them and ask for copies. If she subscribes to them, she can look in the yearly list of articles to see which ones to ask for. Also, there are some good exercises on the Internet for people like you wife. She might also check her way of working. If she is in pain, she is working out of 'sync' and must correct it or she will NOT be working in it for long. She can check 1) the height of her chair, 2) the height of her table, 3) where she is sitting on the chair, and much more. I wrote the article for Nailpro and dealt with all that in an article, and more, but, I'm sorry, I can't remember when it was published. The Nailpro email address is and NAILS Magazine can be reached at 

Janet McCormick
Columbus, OH

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