Nail Biters

Celebrity Q and A'sI have had several "nail biter" clients come to me that want acrylic nails put on. What type of application process do you recommend. I am a new nail tech and have tried both tips and sculpting (by building a free edge). So far these clients have been a 2 1/2 hour nightmare for me HELP! Alicia 12/00

I sculpt their nails (short), using scotch tape across the front and sealed together under their fingernail to hold the skin down. Put the tape right against the front of their existing nail. Then you can put the form on and it is not important if you leave a little space in the middle of the arch of the form - it is only important that you get it under where the sides come out. These nails MUST be short, not past the end of the finger. When you get good at getting the form on - takes a couple sets - they will be QUICK. I got to the place where I can do a set of N/B nails in 40 minutes. (Two beads - one for the free edge, one for the nail bed because they are so short!)
Do a good stress area, however. They are hard on them. I do make them come in weekly for a fill, for the first 3 weeks - their nails grow faster (tho they will say that is not true) because they have been so stimulated. And CHARGE them for every nail off or they will pick or bite them off.

Janet McCormick
21 years a nail technician
Columbus, OH

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