Severe pterygium

Celebrity Q and A'sMy client has severe pterygium. I told her to apply cuticle oil as many times a day, soak in warm water several times a week and pushing back, a manicure every week. What do you think? Jin 12/00

Pterygium is an "abnormal adherence of the skin to the nail plate". This condition is usually caused from an injury of some sort. Using cuticle oil or cuticle creams massaged into the area is good. If anything will help this may, along with manicures. However, if the condition is a true pterygium, DO NOT push back the pterygium, this just causes more injury and in the end causes the condition to become worse. Dead cuticle can be gently pushed back taking care not to break the seal between the nail and the eponychium.

Dr. Oscar Mix

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