Mend dry skin cracks with resin?

Celebrity Q and A'sI recently read in a magazine article that it is safe to 'mend' deep cracks which have appeared in dry skin with nail glue. The article stated that, although the glue we use is not hospital grade, because it coagulates almost immediately there is no danger of it entering the bloodstream. Is this true without exception? I would not want to do this to any client unless I knew beyond doubt that there was no risk involved. Thanks for your advice. Eileene 5/00

The glue is not going to enter the blood stream. It can be used to glue together skin however I believe that it should not be used on "deep cracks in dry skin" because the cracks are ragged edged and not a fresh cut. 
Bacteria may be sealed under the tissue this way and cause a problem. 

If one is going to use the glue in this way it should be used only on a fresh cut like a paper cut or a small clean cut cause by a sharp edged instrument. The glue works well in these instances. 

Do not use it on clients because if any thing happened like an infection etc your license would be in jeopardy.

Dr. Oscar Mix

It's true that medical cyanoacrylate glues are safely used for closing wounds. However, as you correctly note, nail glue is not certified as being hospital grade. Neither are nail techs (or nail chemists) licensed to practice medicine! 
Therefore, the practice of using nail glue to close small cuts or glue down hangnails, cannot be endorsed. If bacteria trapped inside the cut, caused an infection, a client could become seriously ill. Naturally, you don't want this to happen for altruistic reasons; but also, you would certainly be held legally liable even if it were not your fault. I'll admit, I've done it on my own hands, but I wouldn't dare do it on anyone else.

Paul Bryson. Ph.D.
Co-Director of R&D
OPI Products, Inc.

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